Let’s invent your BEST 2.0 Version.

So often, my clients come to me feeling broken, questioning themselves, full of regret, and unsure of how to move forward.

Life will never look the way it did before the divorce, but the question is: Would you want it to?

It’s common for us women to lose ourselves long before the relationship began to crumble and life as we knew it shattered.

Growing through this pain is how we become the person we desire to be.

It is my mission to help women, who have walked through the battlefield of divorce, WIN the war in their hurting hearts, and CONQUER their journey of transformation with their heads held high.

a Certified Divorce Empowerment Life Coach who has experienced the pain of infidelity, the constant pressure of striving to be a good person who takes care of everyone, and the loss of my true identity while fighting the emotional shame of divorce within my community.

I found myself feeling betrayed by my husband. As I gathered my broken heart, I became painfully aware of the worst betrayal of all: a woman’s betrayal of HERSELF.

It is more common than we realize for married women (especially us moms!) to suppress ourselves and our voices to the point where we no longer trust or know ourselves.

Now, as divorced women, we struggle to trust others, feel alone, and can’t imagine anyone understanding our pain.

Confidence, Joy, and Freedom

are just ahead!

The greatest gift will be the

Passion & Vision

YOU create within this new season of

Independence & Inspired Living.