This is NOT the end. Divorce is the Defining Moment

Where you make a BOLD Decision to say

YES to YOU & Your New Beginning.

Your Certified Divorce

Empowerment Life Coach.
Say YES to your BEST Life!
Look Forward!

My step-by-step program offers you the opportunity to be hurting, healing & happy all at the same time.

Are you ready to walk out of the anxiety, overwhelm & suffering into a clearing of healing & empowerment?

In working with me, you will identify what you want, be empowered to re-invent yourself, and…


Create Goals!


Kick Butt!

Call in your dreams and see yourself in a beautiful state of wholeness.

This is another defining moment:

These next few months will be transformative in the way you think and view your life.

Not only are you going to recover from your divorce, you’re going to thrive and spring into a life-changing re-invention!

Sign up for the adventure of a lifetime, and be SUPPORTED.

Think of Divorce as an informant: it provides a history, NOT a life sentence of pain, brokenness & shame.
The feedback from the lessons learned is the fuel to
springboard you into a life of wisdom & clarity.
You’re going to love this next chapter! I guarantee it!
How can I promise this?